What is a Smart MOney Plan?

While it receives less attention than aspects of physical wellness like our body mass index, cholesterol, and blood pressure, Financial Wellness is equally important to our health and well-being.  


In fact, more than 200 studies and surveys have tracked, measured, and documented the link between financial stress and illness.  The American Psychological Association recognizes financial stress as the leading cause of unhealthy behaviors like smoking, weight gain, and alcohol and drug abuse.


Beyond health issues, poor Financial Wellness results in a decreased quality of life and creates a barrier to nearly everything including housing, transportation, education, and employment.


However, improving our Financial Wellness can feel like a puzzle to most of us.   My Smart Money Plan, a non-profit organization, offers a financial and credit literacy course, in-person or on-line, to help individuals and families.  We'll first educate you through the Total Money Makeover class and then roll up our sleeves to help you create and implement a personalized plan, a Smart Money Plan, to reach your goals.


There are six core principles of Financial Wellness incorporated in our programming and My Smart Money Plans:

What's Next?

You have two options to get started.


First, you can enroll in a Smart Money Class for only $149.99 by clicking here.


Or, you can become one of our Instructors and participate in the class for free.  Don't worry, we'll prepare, train, and support you in this new role.  Click here for this option.

Better Credit In 30 days

  • Quicker than "credit repair"
  • Proven credit building strategies
  • We've averaged a 67 point credit score increase in the first 30 days
  • Includes access to guaranteed issue, unsecure, high credit limit credit cards to rapidly boost scores



  • Become a Financial Wellness Instructor
  • Earn a great income while making a difference in others' lives
  • Teach the Smart Money courses in your community or nationally
  • Flexible schedule
  • Management positions available

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